What makes us different from the rest?

Good question, we're glad you asked! We're aiming to build the go to Campsite community by doing several things differently from our competitors - here's what makes us different from the rest

We're the cheapest - We're free!

Our main standard membership is completely free, no micro transactions, no commission or hidden fees - and our gold membership which offers even more benefits if you sign up today is only £49 for the whole year which is cheaper than any other competitor!

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Community, Reviews and ratings

Community is one of our core ideals - by offering our core services for free we believe we will create the biggest and best portal for everything camping and provide our customers with the best possible experience. By enabling our customers to review and rate our content we believe we can provide the highest quality content possible to our customers.

Great experience on all devices

Some of our competitors sites are still not even optimised to work on mobile devices - with such a large and growing share of our audience main web experience being mobile we think it's really important and at Campsite Finder it's one of our core principle in our mission statement you'll get the same great experience if you're on desktop, tablet, games console or mobile and everything in between!

Self serve

Unlike our competitors we offer the opportunity to self serve, this means our campsites can manage their own content keeping their sites information up-to-date with the latest and freshest information - no more waiting on site admins just update a seasonal price, offer or contact details - no delay, no hassle, no fuss.

Passion and ambition

We love what we do - creating a great and intuitive user experience for both our customers using our site and our campsite owners who manage all of our content. We want to create the best product for our community that is humanly possible - it's the challenges that we live for and we love pushing to be the best.