How to promote your campsite

Keep the content fresh

Are there new events happening local to you, is there an awesome festival happening? Maybe a farmers market is just around the corner - maybe you've just added a new feature or maybe you've just taken some new fantastic pictures of your property.

The fresher the content the higher you'll be pushed up the Campsite Finder search listings and the more likely you are to be seen by customers and also with bran new up-to-date exciting content - the more likely they are to make a booking.

Get visitors to give your site a review

The higher your sites rating the higher it'll appear in our search listings

And even more of a reason to get your customers to rate and review your site - if you're getting some great star ratings you'll appear in the 'highest rated' section on our homepage giving you even more visability. So get your customers creating great reviews and you'll see the rewards!

The more hits your article gets the higher it will appear in Campsite Finder and in Google!

If you've got your own web site for your Campsite site add a link to your new article on it - or better yet add the 'Find us on Campsite Finder' logo to your site, you can add the image yourself or simply ask your web developer to copy and paste the code on to your site!

If you do social media, Facebook, Twitter and the such - let everyone know about your new article - share the link as much as you can.

Even after your customers have made a booking you could give them a welcome package inviting them to rate their experience after their stay - giving you a chance to get yet more great reviews!